NatWest suspends online services in response to phishing fraud

NatWest suspends online services in response to phishing fraud

The UK's NatWest has moved to suspend some online banking services in response to a new phishing e-mail scam.

The bank has suspended the ability for customers to make new third party payments and standing orders online in an effort to foil fraudsters phishing for customer details through fake e-mails.

The bank says the pre-emptive measure should ensure that no customers lose any money as a result of the latest round of bogus e-mails, which entice individuals to enter their personal banking data into a replica bank Web site.

NatWest online banking customers wishing to arrange funds transfers to new third party recipients will have to use the branch or telephone banking services, the bank says.

The banking industry continues to cover customers for losses incurred as a result of phishing, but has warned that liability in such crimes may ultimately be pushed back to the individual as the value and volume of fraud grows and as customers wise up to the scams.

Apacs' spokeswoman Sandra Quinn, says: "While customers don't know of all the risks, the safety net exists. What we have always said is that we won't forever provide a guarantee."

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