Apacs launches anti-phishing Web site

Apacs launches anti-phishing Web site

The UK's Association for Payment Clearing Services (Apacs) has launched a Web site offering advice to help Internet banking users protect against phishing scams.

Apacs says the site, which explains how to protect against phishing and Trojan attacks, will be updated as and when new threats arise. Customers will also be able to use the service to record any threats and scams they come across whilst online.

The latest research commissioned by Apacs shows that the majority - 65% - of Internet banking users in the UK are aware of phisihing scams and would ignore an e-mail claiming to be from their bank. Just over a quarter (28%) would check the veracity of such an e-mail with their bank first while only 4% would actually respond and re-enter security details.

Despite this, Apacs says some consumers are still leaving themselves vulnerable to scams. A quarter of respondents say the computer they use the most for online banking has no updated virus checker installed on it, and 41% do not have an activated firewall.

The new Web site follows the launch earlier this year of a site offering advice on protecting against ID theft produced by the Identity Fraud Steering Committee - a cross public-private sector programme which includes representatives from Apacs, the British Bankers Association and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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