WestLB transfers IT to HP

WestLB transfers IT to HP

German bank WestLB has handed a five-year, $500 million contract to HP for the management of its global IT infrastructure and development of Web and office applications.

With an expected implementation starting on 1 January, 2005, the deal calls for the transfer to HP of about 450 bank employees in Düsseldorf, London, New York and Tokyo.

HP expects to provide services ranging from application to infrastructure management, incorporating the global management of WestLB's desktop environment, including mail systems, workplace technology and telephony. HP will also be responsible for the management and operation of the bank's networks, and the development and support of its Website and Intranet. In addition, the vendor will provide customer support and project services.

Klaus-Michael Geiger, a member of WestLB´s managing board, says: "HP offered us a convincing customised service package that will provide flexible and cost-efficient solutions. In addition, it is supported by a cogent strategy for the employees of WestLB Systems."

HP says it plans to support WestLB's IT environment based on its 'Adaptive Enterprise' strategy, which is designed to help companies synchronise business and IT to capitalise on change.

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