JCB demos contactless payment for flash memory cards

JCB demos contactless payment for flash memory cards

Japanese card outfit JCB has developed a contactless credit application for flash memory cards used in PCs, mobile phones, PDAs and other electronic devices.

The Mopass card (Mobile Passport), created in cooperation with Hitachi Ltd., combines smart card microprocessor functions with the flash memory card format.

Yosuke Hamada, assistant vice president of JCB's strategic market development department, says that because of its portability Mopass flash cardholders can use a lot of different devices as their credit card.

"In fact, the large memory makes it possible to provide other, value-added services in addition to credit, making Mopass ideal for creating new demand in the market," he adds.

The combined card also offers advanced security without the requirement for a special reader/writer, says Hamada, a particular advantage for the authentication functions required by mobile commerce using smaller devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The credit card firm has been demonstrating the system in action at its annual world congress, using the Mopass card in a mobile phone memory card slot, and PC lock, log-in authentication and file encryption functions on a personal computer.

JCB says it will press on with further development of Mopass-based products and services over the coming year, with inhouse trials scheduled for next spring.

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