Anglo-Romanian Bank signs with STB Systems

Anglo-Romanian Bank signs with STB Systems

Anglo-Romanian Bank Limited (ARB), the UK-based subsidiary of Romania's Banca Comerciala Romana, has contracted with STB Systems for the supply and implementation of its data management software, STB-SuperConsolidator.

The STB system will be used to integrate data from ARB's new branches in Europe, following the bank's acquisition of Frankfurt Bukarest Bank and Banque Franco-Roumaine.

The software will feed branch data from Romania, France and Germany into ARB's London headquarters. The consolidated data will then be used to provide automated regulatory reporting to the Bank of England and the FSA via the vendor's STB-Reporter application.

STB-SuperConsolidator is designed to take disparate data feeds and pool the information for reporting. In the UK, the software interprets the output from ARB's BankMaster system, whilst the data from European branches is taken from a SQL Server database. Pre-determined rule sets are then applied and a single consolidated database built.

Colin Janes, systems manager at ARB, said; "In order to provide consistent, accurate information for regulatory reporting we need to take information from our BankMaster system and our European branches, and possibly from other sources in the future, and put them together (in) a single, consolidated database, which is exactly what STB does for us - adding new feeds as they are required."

Janes says the system will also enable the bank to run ad-hoc reports across the whole operation, such as exposure or liquidity reports.

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