Corillian launches anti-phishing system

Corillian launches anti-phishing system

US Internet banking systems vendor Corillian has launched a fraud detection system designed to enable financial firms to detect, manage and respond to e-mail scams.

The vendor says its Fraud Detection System provides financial institutions with a way of identifying phishing activity before it turns into a fully-fledged attack on both the bank and its customers.

The Corillian product helps Web site administrators at a bank to detect phishing attack behaviours, including the building and testing of a scam Web site, the launch of a phishing e-mail and the fraudulent collection of user and account information.

In addition to identifying potential attacks, the system enables firms to identify and respond to account holders that have visited the fraudulent site, and to adjust the security measures around the potentially compromised bank account.

Jim Maloney, chief security executive, Corillian, says: "The Corillian Fraud Detection System incorporates the best practices we have identified to help not only financial institutions and their customers, but retailers and other companies as well, to reduce the risks associated with phishing and other fraudulent activities."

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