VeriSign introduces anti-phishing service

VeriSign introduces anti-phishing service

California-based digital ID firm VeriSign has launched an anti-phishing package of software and services designed to help firms prevent, detect and respond to e-mail scams.

Phishing uses spam e-mail to direct consumers to fake Web sites in order to con them into giving over personal financial data such as as account numbers, passwords or social security numbers.

VeriSign says preventing phishing attacks is difficult as it requires the ability not only to monitor activity within an enterprise's IT environment, but also activity across the Internet as a whole.

The vendor's new package comprises of consulting services to help firms take the steps to manage and respond to phishing attacks. The prevention process includes the deployment of authentication systems, which prevents phishers from using captured data to gain access to customer accounts. VeriSign also uses services, such as domain name monitoring, Web crawlers and spam filters, to detect phishing activities taking place outside an enterprise's network.

If an attack occurs, analysis and identification techniques are used to assess and limit the damage caused by any phishing attack. The vendor says it will then work with ISPs and hosting firms to shut down a fake site.

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