Maccaba loses 'indecent proposal' case

Maccaba loses 'indecent proposal' case

Brian Maccaba, chief executive of Irish FX dealing technology company Cognotec, has lost his 'indecent proposal' slander case against senior rabbi Dayan Yaakov Lichtenstein over alleged sexual slurs.

Maccaba had sought damages against Lichtenstein after accusing the rabbi of slurring his reputation within the orthodox community by spreading allegations that he was a "sexual predator" and "serial adulterer" who pursued young married Jewish women.

Maccaba had denied claims - made by Lichtenstein's lawyer David Price on the second day of the trial - that he offered $1 million cash to Alan Attar in return for a life-long relationship with Attar's wife Nathalie.

Lichtenstein told the court that Maccaba pursued the case to seek revenge on Nathalie Attar who had rejected him and the rabbi who advised her. He denied calling Maccaba an adulterer.

The case was brought to a halt on May 6th when Mrs Attar, who is seven-months pregnant, was rushed to hospital after fainting during the lunchtime recess.

Maccaba lost his slander claim after a High Court jury found the case put forward by Lichtenstein was "substantially true" and without malice.

The case, which lasted for 41 days, became the longest-running slander action in English legal history. Maccaba now faces a bill for £2 million in legal costs.

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