Mosaic provides debit switch for iATMglobal

Mosaic provides debit switch for iATMglobal

Mosaic Software is to provide online debit card authorisation for iATMglobal, a developer of software for delivering e-commerce services over cash machine networks.

Examples of services which may be delivered via ATMs include pre-paid facilities for wireless carriers, and travel and entertainment ticketing says iATMglobal.

Under the agreement, Mosaic Software's Postilion will be used to ensure that transactions are routed to the proper card issuer or gateway network for payment authorisation and returned in a secure environment. In addition, iATMglobal will use the Postilion Office component to perform reconciliation, and settlement of those transactions. The Web Reporting functionality of Postilion Office, which allows iATMglobal clients access to reports and transaction detail via the Web, will also be implemented.

"The Mosaic Postilion switch completes the iATMglobal product offering," says Ron Moore, chief technology officer, iATMglobal. "Through the Postilion switch, we will enable ATM users to purchase e-commerce goods and services using an ATM debit card. This will provide a unique payment method for our content partners and access to a largely untapped cardholder base."

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