Danish banks develop net-ID scheme

Danish banks develop net-ID scheme

Denmark's commercial banks are rolling out an online ID scheme for customers to use when transacting with other organisations on the Internet.

Under the scheme, the two million Danes who are regular net bank users can use their net bank access codes to give unambiguous proof of their identity to an organisation offering services via the Internet.

Net-ID is based on the security system behind the net banking scheme and was developed by Danish payments body PBS in conjunction with the Danish banking sector.

Health insurance provider Sygesikringen "danmark", has already tested the system and will be the first organisation to offer members direct logon to their own member data using net-ID.

Kirsten ├ślgaard, VP, Sygeforsikringen "danmark, says: "With two million net bank users, we give a substantial number of our members fast and easy access to their own member data by offering net ID. We know that many members want to have this ease of access - and I'm sure an increasing number of users will opt for net-ID as it gains ground."

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