IPC to release call management tools

IPC to release call management tools

Dealing room communications vendor IPC Information Systems is releasing two new trader communication tools, Call Dashboard and Dynamic Directory.

Designed initially for a large money manager, Call Dashboard provides traders with easy access to call-related information in one place, either on a turret screen or on their desktop. The product can be integrated with other desktop functions such as e-mail, security information and trade history.

Dynamic Directory provides a customisable approach to managing internal and external contacts. The contact groups can be standardised across global divisions or customised by individual traders. The application is also able to capture presence information which shows a trader's availability at any time.

Both tools work on IPC's IQMX applications module, - which part of the vendor's IQMX trading system which utilises voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) to deliver, voice, video and data to the trader's desktop.

The products will be available later in the year.

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