Wachovia rolls out RSA Security's digital certificate management software

Wachovia rolls out RSA Security's digital certificate management software

US bank Wachovia has implemented RSA Security's Keon digital certificate management software to secure access to its customers' personal and financial information.

Wachovia uses digital certificates as a form of electronic identification to ensure the identity of customers and employees who need to access financial data. The bank has installed RSA's Keon software to automate and centralise the administration of its digital certificate management policies and procedures.

The system enables Wachovia to distribute certificates inhouse to create digital signatures, which are applied to electronic versions of customers' contracts and orders. The software also enables the bank to quickly update and alter certificates as needed and issue new certificate authorities immediately.

Keon also includes a OneStep feature which is designed to automatically approve and issue certificates to authenticated users. RSA's professional services team will embed certificates with the RSA Keon OneStep software feature to meet Wachovia's authentication requirements.

"We needed to ensure our customers that information stored within our applications and on our servers was being accessed securely and exclusively by Wachovia employees," says Tony Suarez, vice president of Wachovia Encryption Technologies. "RSA Keon software allows us to effectively manage and control secure access to business-critical information within Wachovia."

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