Tullett Financial delivers Web access to premium data services

Tullett Financial delivers Web access to premium data services

Market data vendor Tullett Financial is providing customers with Internet access to its premium data products, SwapMarker, MortgageMarker and TreasuryMarker, via the Internet.

The data can be viewed using a light application, which is downloaded by the client and enables the delivery of Tullett Financial's products via the Internet direct to user workstations.

Once installed, the application consists of the Tullett PageViewer enabling a user to view data. Blocks of data and their underlying records can then be highlighted, dragged, and dropped into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for manipulation and analysis. The underlying records within the spreadsheet continuously update in real-time. The application also has an Excel add-in which allows the user to set up chains, tables and pages directly from within Excel.

Clients that want to view the pages from SwapMarker, MortgageMarker or TreasuryMarker without accessing the underlying records can do so via the vendor's Web site.

The technology underlying both services is the CityVision StarNet product from real-time market data applications firm, Arcontech.

Commenting on the launch, David Mukerji, director and global head of sales for Tullett Financial, says: "It has proved of particular interest to users within large customer sites and smaller firms who do not have access to or require the breadth of content provided by traditional vendor terminals, but who do require a broad spectrum of fixed income, interest rate derivatives and money markets information at a cost effective price point.

"Furthermore, the ability to consume our information within spreadsheets over the Internet, in addition to viewing the page displays, provides these customers with a level of functionality and utility hitherto only available via vendor terminals."

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