Gemplus ships Internet micropayment phone card

Gemplus ships Internet micropayment phone card

Gemplus and Valista have launched a pre-paid store-of-value phone card for Internet-based micropayments and shipped their first order to PayNet Group in the Czech republic.

By combining a pre-paid card with online purchasing power, Gem-eCash users can make secure purchases for low-value digital content, such as mp3 music files, videos, games, and newspaper articles. Online buyers simply scratch off a panel on the phone card to discover the secret code, which corresponds to their pre-paid credit.

Thierry Mesnard, vice president, pre-paid cards, Gemplus, says the new card will help prepaid operators generate revenue by capitalising on their existing products and distribution network to offer value-added services to their customers.

Jan Ander, CEO of PayNet Group, says: "The Gem-eCash prepaid solution is ideal for Web buyers who are reluctant to use their credit cards for online purchasing or who wish to remain anonymous. It also offers a means of online payment to people who may not have a bank account or who do not wish to use it."

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