Seceti deploys ACI's fraud detection software

Seceti deploys ACI's fraud detection software

Italian card payments processor Seceti is implementing ACI Worldwide's Proactive Risk Manager software in a bid to combat rising levels of debit card fraud.

Seceti, which is the second largest card payments processor in Italy, will use the software to help its 140 banks monitor transactions for fraudulent activity.

The automated fraud detection system uses neural networks and custom risk profiles to improve the rate and speed of identifying fraudulent activity. Member firms will be able to subscribe to the service via the Internet, allowing them to monitor any fraud alerts generated in near real-time. Banks can then promptly react and contact a cardholder if a transaction appears suspicious.

Giuseppe Capponcelli, general manager, Seceti, says: "Our goal is to minimise our customers' exposure to risk by identifying fraudulent activity quickly and proactively."

Seceti will manage the hardware, software and rules-based workflows, which will initally be based on specifications set by Visa. The software will run on the Stratus ftServer high-availability platform for Microsoft Windows.

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