Diebold releases cheque imaging system for ATMs

Diebold releases cheque imaging system for ATMs

Diebold has launched its ImageWay ATM software which enables financial institutions to capture cheque images and transaction data at cash machines.

ImageWay ATM utilises deposit automation and payments processing technology from Georgia-based Alogent. The product captures cheque images at the ATM and electronically transmits transaction data for processing.

Diebold says customers have been less eager to use cash machines for cheque deposits because envelope transactions don't verify the payment and don't provide a receipt, but ATMs running the new software are able to accept cheques without an envelope and provide customers with a detailed receipt.

Thomas Swidarski, SVP, strategic development and global marketing, Diebold, says: "With the introduction of ImageWay, we've also provided our customers with a deposit automation and cheque image transfer solution that can generate savings, accurately assign float, reduce fraud from empty envelopes and further increase consumer reliance on self-service delivery channels."

ImageWay ATM software can be used with Diebold's Opteva ATMs and ix Series terminals.

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