Pegasystems releases customer process and exception management applications

Pegasystems releases customer process and exception management applications

Massachusetts-based Pegasystems is launching a new customer service application, Pega Customer Process Manager, and exception management system, Pega Quality & Exception Manager, to run on the latest version of its PegaRules Process Commander platform.

The new products have been built to run on version 4 of the PegaRules Process Commander BPM system, which now includes real-time and analytical reporting and ease of localisation for non-English-speaking markets.

Pega Customer Process Manager is an enterprise-wide horizontal BPM application. The product features packaged workflows and business rules that automate processes such as issue resolution, complaint management, value-based servicing and fulfillment. The system also includes cross-sell and up-sell capabilities.

Pega Quality & Exception Manager tracks and manages exceptions. The system provides a unified view of customer issues and transaction errors across products and lines of business.

Alan Trefler, chairman and CEO, Pegasystems, says: "Together or standalone, these products provide extraordinarily powerful tools for delivering operational and service excellence across the enterprise."

Pegasystems says a number of its vertical industry applications such as PegaCard Smart Dispute, PegaPayment Smart Adjust and PegaHealth Claims Repair, will also soon be available on PegaRules Process Commander Version 4.

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