JCB marries payments and access control with blood vessel biometric

JCB marries payments and access control with blood vessel biometric

Japanese payment card organisation JCB has unveiled plans to introduce the world's first fingertip/blood vessel pattern authentication system that combines payment systems with access control.

The first facility scheduled to utilise the system is a 156-unit condominium in Osaka, Japan, due to be completed in March 2005. It will allow residents of the condo to open doors and pay for purchases at the complex service centre by simply placing one finger in an infrared reader, without carrying keys or credit cards.

The system uses biometric technology developed by Bionics and is being introduced at the Osaka complex in conjunction with security firm Hochiki and condo service provider Pliant Powers. The partners have advanced plans for incorporating the technology in 30 new prestige estate developments within the next three years.

Mr. Omoto, EVP and general manager of JCB advanced technologies department, says of the initiative: "JCB is actively engaging in efforts to integrate biometrics technology into payment systems. We have already announced an initiative for using fingerprint authorisation devices in mobile phones, and the launch of this payment system using finger blood vessel pattern authentication is our next advance."

He says Bionics' VA blood vessel authentication system is one of the most accurate biometric authentication security technologies available and has been shown to have very low false acceptance and rejection rates.

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