Prebon turns to SonicMQ for global messaging backbone

Prebon turns to SonicMQ for global messaging backbone

Money broker Prebon Yamane has standardised on the Sonic MQ messaging server from Sonic Software as the backbone for its Global Brokering System, which aims to achieve straight-through processing across its major offices in New York, London and Singapore.

Prebon says it selected SonicMQ for its ability to integrate with the wide variety of financial messaging protocols used by its banking customers, such as FIX or Swift, and other messaging middleware products such as Tibco Rendevous or IBM WebSphereMQ. Additionally, SonicMQ emerged as the best performing JMS-based message server in benchmarking tests that reflected Prebon's trading environment. The broker says Sonic proved best in performance, resiliency, fail-over, security and ease of use for the developers.

"We have to support everything and connect to anything, this is one of the benefits offered by SonicMQ together with its scalability and guaranteed delivery," says Geoffrey Sanderson, CEO, Prebon Technology Group. "It is a business imperative that trade notifications and confirmations reach their destinations. Our IT strategy is to choose best of breed products in their particular space. We've decided that SonicMQ is the best product for the job and are now standardising on it as our enterprise messaging backbone."

Prebon is rolling out the latest release of SonicMQ, which includes Sonic Software's patent-pending Dynamic Routing Architecture and clustering technologies, for unlimited scalability. Prebon has also begun a proof of concept with Sonic's enterprise service bus, under an initiative aimed at achieving a more closely integrated workflow approach and service-oriented architecture.

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