Corillian benchmarks Voyager

Corillian benchmarks Voyager

US banking systems vendor Corillian Corporation says its Voyager platform supported over 30,000 concurrent online banking customers performing transactions simultaneously during recent benchmark tests, a 250% increase compared to previous results.

The tests were conducted at the IBM Centre for Microsoft Technologies in Kirkland, Washington, using IBM's xSeries servers and eCenter BladeCenter Xeon processor servers.

In addition, Voyager was able to perform over 1.7 million transactions in one hour, and the Corillian Payments Warehouse processed over 350,000 payments in a payments batch run in less than four and a half hours.

The benchmark study evaluated a range of online banking and bill payment activities, such as signing on, accessing account balance and history, making payments, viewing payment details and signing off.

Corillian says Voyager now requires only one-third the number of individual servers needed in previous benchmark tests. This performance gain is due to software improvements including changes that take advantage of faster clock speeds on newer Intel processors and Intel's Hyper Threading technology.

Chris Brooks, chief technology officer of Corillian, says the resilts are important as many firms are seeing unprecedented growth in online banking across multiple lines of business.

"In addition, the current trend among leading financial institutions to consolidate these services onto a single platform, demands higher scalability requirements than ever before," says Brooks.

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