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Robert Siciliano

Business Identity Theft Beware of Identity Thieving Employees

Wow, a lawyer in Memphis got scammed by his secretary—she embezzled over $362,000 from him, says an article on Attorney Jerry Schatz hired Teresa Sumpter, 48, in July of 2013. Little did he ...

31 Dec 2015
Mark Sitkowski

Data Security breach, data security breach... and Juniper

What’s wrong with these people? Is it because mathematics has been dropped from the engineering syllabus at universities, or is it because everyone employs the same incompetent security people to do t...

25 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

Stop being a blabber on Social Media

Are you a cyber-blabber? Even a post about your daily afternoon foray to the sub sandwich shop could get you in trouble: A burglar reading this knows when to rob your house. But it doesn’t end there. ...

24 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

Should Stalking or Spying Apps be banned?

The words “spying” and “stalking” have negative connotations, but there’s a flipside to the coin: parents monitoring their kids’ online activities and physical locations. And how about middle-aged adu...

20 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

20 Security Tips For Overseas Travelers With Credit Cards

Thinking of bringing a credit card with you on your travels? You can end up in a jam: You just treated your extended family to fine dining in France. Time to pay; your credit card is declined. If you ...

16 Dec 2015
Paul Hampton

How banks should approach security in 2016

Over the past few years, data breaches have increased in frequency and size, making the need to protect sensitive information a top priority for businesses worldwide. According to recent reports, ther...

16 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

8 ways to avoid holiday shopping scams

So what will you be doing this holiday season to avoid getting scammed? The scammers really come out of the woodwork during the holidays, waiting to snatch their victims. It’s easier than you think to...

10 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Modern Trends. EU Payment Services Directive PSD 2

Clearly, the payment services industry has got to the point where an important change is expected to take place. There are quite a few indications to suggest this. The EU has enacted and put into effe...

08 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Bacs Transport Layer Security Changes - we're ready are you?

With technology, regulation and compliance advancing at such a rapid pace, it's important that companies keep abreast of any change that is likely impact their business and, notably, their ability to ...

07 Dec 2015
Robert Siciliano

8 Ways to Ensure Safe and Secure Online Shopping this Holiday Season

So, who’s on your holiday gift list this year? That list is a lot longer than you think; consider all the names of hackers that have not yet appeared on it. Scammers will do whatever it takes to get o...

01 Dec 2015
Retired Member

The Hacker Who Stole Christmas: What Security Threats Should You Be Looking Out For This Holiday

Tis the season to be jolly, and with big retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Christmas season is also becoming an increasingly online experience. This also means there are a host of ...

01 Dec 2015
Retired Member

Securing Mobile Payments with a DEFENSE IN DEPTH

Mobile payments is the next “big thing” for consumers. But how can we keep it from becoming so for hackers as well? As our “always on” culture moves from good old plastic and chip cards to mobile phon...

30 Nov 2015
Innovation in Financial Services