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Retail card issuers’ next step in differentiating their card portfolios

09 Feb 2023

From the goods and services we buy to the stores we visit, brands make up a big part of a consumer’s decision-making process. And the same is true for our finances. Traditionally, consumer banking has been dominated by long-established, highly recognizable names. This has meant that many consumers adopted a ‘bank-for-life’, but this has changed. Mo...


Germany’s journey from cash to contactless – are biometric payment cards the logical next step?

19 Jan 2023

Despite its reputation for technical innovation, Germany has traditionally been heavily reliant on cash. Cast your mind back to 2016 when, in a bid to tackle money laundering and terrorism financing, the German Finance Minister announced plans to ban the use of cash for purchases over €5,000. The German tabloid, Bild, responded with an open letter...