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What do prominent P2P players think of the RBI regulations?

Following the US and UK models, RBI is all set to jump on the bandwagon of regulating the P2P space with strict guidelines. The norms being finalised are expected to release in a few weeks, how are th...

05 Aug 2017
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Miffed with SWIFT?

SWIFT is to the payments industry what taxi cabs are to travel. Old, slow and likely to hit your wallet by taking you on the scenic route to your destination. Why? Why not. What’s your alternative? Fo...

03 Aug 2017
Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Blockchain in Action : Round-up of blockchain stories from July 2017

The blockchain journey for most enterprises starts with a curiosity to learn and understand more about the blockchain, how it works, its relevance for the enterprise and how it can potentially transfo...

02 Aug 2017
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New players need old players to flourish

In recent years, there have been numerous headlines hailing the rise of a new breed of financial technology players and the downfall of incumbent banks. However, to what extent has this been the case ...

01 Aug 2017
Avik Nandi

Alternate Payments & the Ecosystem

According to a WorldPay report, cards which accounted for over half (57%) of internet payments in 2012, will fall to 41% by 2017. Alternative Payments would rule the online payment markets with a 59% ...

24 Jul 2017
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Open Banking and PSD2: New players need old players to flourish

Richard Ransom, Payments Solution Lead, Bottomline Technologies In recent years, there have been numerous headlines hailing the rise of a new breed of financial technology players and the downfall o...

24 Jul 2017
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Is P2P lending really a threat to NBFCs?

P2P lending is a relatively new kid on the block of alternative lending. Though the industry is still in a nascent stage, the p2p platforms have managed to cause their fair share of disruptions. Are ...

22 Jul 2017
Paul Butterworth

Six key themes from Money 2020 Europe

After a frantic few days in Copenhagen for Money 20/20 Europe, I’m finally back at my desk. The flight home gave me a bit of time to digest the discussions and presentations and, amid the melee and co...

13 Jul 2017
Sameer Singh Jaini

Lending API-fied : Start of P2P Lending Revolution

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has revolutionised Indian Payment Industry and has removed friction. Newer payments platforms like IMPS, UPI, BBPS etc have solved payment and collection ...

14 Jun 2017
Chris Principe

Future Shout Out !!

Future Shout Out !! I wake up every morning thinking about what innovation, idea's, enhancements, additions, changes, etc. I can offer that will push the future of finance another step forward. I beli...

02 Jun 2017
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A Digital Customer Journey: The Answer to Vehicle Finance Woes

The scale of the UK vehicle finance industry has unnerved many experts and fuelled whispers that, if left unchecked, it could have the same impact on the economy as the over-heated and under regulate...

31 May 2017
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The Growth of Vehicle Finance: A Danger to the UK Economy?

It’s no secret that the vehicle finance industry is continuing to grow; in fact, in terms of lending, vehicle finance is second only to the mortgage market. It’s the scale of the growth that has taken...

22 May 2017