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Denys Kyrychenko

Denys Kyrychenko

CEO & Co-founder at Corefy
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Bio Denys Kyrychenko, CEO & co-founder at Corefy, has strong expertise in FinTech, market trends and the payment industry. Career History Denys started his way in FinTech about 15 years ago while being a student. He has developed a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding online payments and has helped to successfully launch multiple PSP and e-wallet solutions.



5 challenges to overcome when starting as an ISO/MSP

07 Jun 2023

Entering the world of the payment industry can be overwhelming for aspiring merchants, as it is filled with confusing terminology, abbreviations, and intricate ideas. Staying informed about these aspects can be demanding, especially when establishing card payment processing. If you're seeking a comprehensive understanding of ISO and MSP and their...


Why do you need a Customer Journey Map

23 Aug 2022

Knowing the customers' preferences and needs is key to successful business development. Customers having a positive experience are more likely to return, buy more, or upgrade their plan. Besides, satisfied customers are the best way to attract new ones. The customer journey mapping process aims to understand customer needs and resolve pain points ...



What working with multiple payment providers gives you

24 Nov 2021

Today's world is rapidly digitalising, and it’s hard to imagine a successful business without an online presence. The move to online is driving the online payments industry growth and development. For the last years, several online payment industry trends have shaped up that entrepreneurs should take into account: Payment cards became the most d...


How to use payment data to grow your business

21 Jul 2021

Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen Jim Bergeson Today, businesses mostly dwell on a data-driven or data-informed approach to changes. It means they don't make important decisions out of the blue, and instead of poking aroun