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Denys Kyrychenko

Denys Kyrychenko

CEO & Co-founder at Corefy
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Bio Denys Kyrychenko, CEO & co-founder at Corefy, has strong expertise in FinTech, market trends and the payment industry. Career History Denys started his way in FinTech about 15 years ago while being a student. He has developed a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding online payments and has helped to successfully launch multiple PSP and e-wallet solutions.



How to use payment data to grow your business

21 Jul 2021

Data will talk to you if you are willing to listen Jim Bergeson Today, businesses mostly dwell on a data-driven or data-informed approach to changes. It means they don't make important decisions out of the blue, and instead of poking aroun


E-commerce payment trends that are sizzling hot in 2021

24 May 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has radically transformed our way of life. It affected almost all aspects but especially stimulated the development of e-commerce. The Visa Back to Business Study reports that contactless payments have become a driving differentiator: if all other factors were equal (price, selection and location), nearly two-thirds (63%) ...