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A discussion and guidance on the path to full scale adoption of electronic invoicing by corporates, goverments, SME's and consumers, creating savings up to € 60 billion in 2020. With a focus on: trends, business models, processes, technology, and legal issues.

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Latin American VAT and EInvoicing Mandates

The rate of change of business-to-government compliance mandates in Latin America continues compounding, with no less than 10 (ten!) new regulations expected in 2016. Managing these changes can be cha...

11 Feb 2016
Bo Harald

Privacy in Memorial

We all remember how delighted we were when the newborn Google was praised as a "database of intentions" which it of course was and is - on a scale that we could not imagine then. With Facebo...

23 Jan 2016
Retired Member

The rise of business-to-government regulation

Increasing globalization has significantly changed the corporate tax function, with constantly shifting regulations and stakeholder demands. In a recent report, “Reshaping the Tax Function of the Fut...

16 Sep 2015
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Business to Government Compliance: Latin America Turns to Automation for Tax Collection

There is major shift in the way governments in Latin America regulate businesses – particularly multinationals – that is distinct from anything else seen in global compliance. Unlike the United States...

14 Jul 2015
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Aircraft engine repair firm pays 14 million for gov't bribes

International law officials are cracking down on corporations and firms that break the rules by bribing legislators and governmental leaders. The latest example comes out of Texas, where a well-known ...

29 Dec 2014
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Mexico Updates eAccounting focusing on Corporations for 2015

The Mexico SAT has doubled down on their eAccounting requirements with a focus on corporations. While 2014 data is no longer required, the core requirements are now more detailed. So while the go-live...

08 Dec 2014
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Apple Pay could experience problems in emerging markets

The explosion of mobile device use has revolutionized the way in which consumers and businesses make transactions today. At one time, the only way to make a payment was in person or through the mail. ...

19 Nov 2014
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Procter and Gamble suspended by Argentina AFIP

In the latest manifestation of possible tax fraud, which has been rampant as of late in parts of Latin America, Argentine officials are accusing one of the world's biggest household consumer goods pro...

07 Nov 2014
Bo Harald

It's our money..

An estimated EUR 177 billion in VAT revenues was lost due to non-compliance or non-collection in 2012, a recent report reveals. E-invoicing to help reduce EU VAT Gap losses - report thepaypers.com Ac...

31 Oct 2014
Retired Member

Why e-invoicing mandates are good for business

When it comes to having a favorable business environment, few would associate more regulations as being the answer. Increasingly complicated compliance issues often create more red tape, which makes i...

14 Oct 2014
Retired Member

Economic Growth in Latin America On the Rise

A country or region's economic performance is largely a reflection of how competitive it is with other nations on the world stage. And in Latin America, many countries that comprise it are steadily as...

08 Oct 2014
Retired Member

Bitcoin use on the rise in Latin America

Bitcoin, a digital currency in place of the more traditional form, is being used more regularly by several firms that operate out of South America, the Latino Post reported. However, because of the t...

26 Sep 2014