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Social Banks is a group that aims to discuss trends and debate as the financial services take their first steps into social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc..debate all here.

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Retired Member

Getting corporate buy-in for social media

Overcoming reticence or resistance to new social media initiatives is one of the key challenges facing marketeers in the financial services/technology space. Improved SEO/Google ranking (and therefore...

08 Dec 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Sibos 2010 - the ultimate Tweet-up

One criticism of the digital age is that 'living online' so-to-speak, takes away from real interactions with living, breathing human beings. Well, without being ironic, Twitter was the ultimate cataly...

01 Nov 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

What I know and believe about social media.

Not much. No, seriously, really not that much. Well, that's not strictly true. I do have some beliefs and knowledge about the use of social media from a personal, professional and every day life point...

08 Oct 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

This 'social media' malarky

I just wanted to share this with the Finextra community. I was going to put it in 'best of the web' but it's not really news, or financial or...well, we all remember Citi and how its staff did not n

13 Sep 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

FinTech in Atlanta hothouse - the Twitterview Transcript

Last week Finextra embarked on an unusual Twitterview. Instead of a mostly linear stream of Q&As with one or two people, we decided to moderate a discussion, or Twitter-chat, with a group of star...

23 Aug 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Where can you find a hell of a lot of FinTech engineers?

The Finextra Twitterview - Atlanta FinTech Universe When: Augist 18th, 2010, 10:00 EDT (15:00 BST) Where: Follow @Finextra and @kpetralia, @simEngine, @johnbhayes, @SBatTTV, @atlantapayments, @stev...

16 Aug 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Would you give your money to the Wizard of Oz?

I've been on holiday for the past few weeks. But even as I sat on the beach, building sand castles with my five-year old, I still lent a thought to the world of financial services. An old friend in Ne...

10 Aug 2010
Retired Member

Workflows: Control and Enforce Credit Policy

If a Relationship Manager does not know where along the credit application process the latest customer lies, which credit analyst last tended to the application and how long it took that analyst to co...

28 Jun 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Not every Citi staff needs social media to perform their job

A while ago, soon after the news that Citi 'verified' its Twitter account, I sent a Tweet to Jamie Punishill, or @jpunishill for you Twitterers. 'How about a video interview or a 'Twitterview'?' Jamie...

04 Jun 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Twitterview 3 - This time it's Citi

Ah, finallly, spring is in the air, and Finextra is, once again, embarking on another, real-time, live Twitterview. This time, it's with the big boys-global banking giant Citi. Finextra will be Q&...

02 Jun 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Social media - the haters, the lovers and the real world

For the past few weeks I have been talking with a group of people at a large global bank about doing a Twitterview (it is scheduled, and will be publicised closer to the date, so keep your pants on). ...

19 May 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Through wind, through snow, through volcanic ash...

Despite Iceland's attempts to derail Western Europe's economy yet again, this year's TradeTech event was surprisingly well attended. Word is about 75% of the delegates made it to the show-with some sp...

29 Apr 2010