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A community for discussing the latest happenings in banking IT. Credit Crunch impacting Risk Systems overall, revamp of mortgage backed securities, payment transformations, include business, technology, data and systems architecture capturing IT trends, 'what to dos?' concerning design of systems.

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Santosh Radhakrishnan

No 1. Unveiling Coreless Banking - The Future of Banking.

Over the next few weeks, I will provide a definitive guide to the next evolution of banking technology – Coreless Banking. Amid a period of unprecedented digital and technological transformation, fas...

09 Jan 2024
Darcy Sullivan

Measuring Success when Improving Your Efficiency Ratio and Profitability

Bill Waid, FICO's chief product and technology officer, recently shared his insights into how banks can measure their success with their efficiency ratio and profitability. I'm sharing his insights be...

05 Jan 2024
Yamen Bousrih

Embracing Non-Technical Involvement with LCNC Platforms in Financial Digital Projects

"War is too serious to keep it between the hands of military generals." These were the profound words spoken by Georges Clemenceau, also known as "The Tiger," former head of the Fr...

07 Sep 2023
Dieter Halfar

Why digital transformation risks becoming a broken promise for financial services companies

A successful digital transformation strategy should establish an advantage over competitors while improving consumer experience and reducing costs through technology. However, when it comes to impleme...

03 Aug 2023
Karen Shidlo

Banking Reimagined on the Blockchain

Of all the Web2 applications, services and products being reimagined in a decentralized, Web3-ready way, perhaps banking (and e-banking) is one that makes the most sense. Given that a core tool of Web...

04 Jul 2023
Steven Rackham

Why now is the time to modernise mainframe data

‘Mainframe is dead!’ has long been a cry within the IT industry but the reality is, many organisations still rely heavily upon mainframes with data sitting on them around the 12EB (yes, exabyte) mark ...

22 May 2023
John Schlesinger

Maximising Efficiency with Cloud and SaaS Banking Software

As one of the first 10,000 users of Netflix, I've been following their progress closely for more than a decade. Netflix was early to the streaming game and began building their data centers for not on...

12 Apr 2023
Steve Morgan

Modernising Cloud Based Banking Architectures

With a decade-plus of cloud-based services now under our belt, the technology has understandably evolved over time from lift and shift of applications to the cloud to cloud native deployments. The de...

22 Mar 2023
Steve Wilcockson

The Cloud Paradox, and Four Ways Financial Services Firms Can Solve It

Nowhere is cloud use being more dynamically adopted at the moment than in finance - just ask any cloud vendor, from hyperscaler to cloud service provider to SaaS provider, about how strategically impo...

12 Jan 2023
Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui

Unlocking the Potential of SaaS: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers offer a convenient solution for businesses looking to outsource the operations and maintenance of their internal software without incurring the overhead or risk ...

05 Dec 2022

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