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Bio Is a financial services consultant, specialising in payments and revenue management. Career History Citibank, i-flex, Logica, Oracle


Banking Architecture

Has HR failed in Banks being root cause of issues?

27 Jul 2013

Its quite interesting to see how a bank's human resourcing model works and the dependency on 'contractors'. Many banks have a model with least permanent employees and high reliance on contractors and external vendors to outsource work. To the extent, that supposed to be short term contractors even run large projects and its expenditures which runs...

Banking Architecture

SEPA - Update May 2012

21 May 2012

With immense pressure on the last few miles to run to meet the SEPA timelines, current few interesting challenges faced by banks are common but still time and money consuming. Recently, EBA Day had varied but quite interesting perspectives or gossips around Migration Timelines, Finally ACI or S1, MyBank launch, Wallet/Mobile and the favorite Innov...

Banking Architecture

SIBOS 2011: what do you need?

19 Jul 2011

So which topic will steal the show at SIBOS this year.. Post Crisis wheres the growth? final words on SEPA? e-Invoicing? Basel III? Mobile Payments? Security Infrastructures? Renminbi? My take is post crisis wheres the growth should be the mantra and other topics are value adds with specifics. Are banks expecting more M&As post crisis, restruct...


Banking Architecture

Payments - Reduced Costs but did you Increase Revenue?

23 May 2011

We have seen, heard and acted a lot in the Payments space over last few years either to comply with new regulations like SEPA or to consolidate Payments Systems to reduce costs. Covering the obvious to 'reduce costs' and comply with EU regulations, banks are still not targeting enough to increase revenues in payments processing. Definitely regul


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