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A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

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Debbie Green

Why CFOs should step outside the numbers

The role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) has been completely reimagined in the last five to ten years. CFOs now have more responsibility and a wider remit for ensuring the success of the company. A...

27 Nov 2019
Debbie Green

Universities: unlocking innovation through the finance function

Universities are where innovation begins. They produce research that moves us forward scientifically, technologically and socially. Some of our best and brightest reside within their walls. However, w...

21 Nov 2019
Debbie Green

How AI and machine learning can benefit finance teams

Finance teams are integral and essential to the smooth running of any business. It’s no longer as simple as responsibility over regulatory compliance, financial reporting, payroll, and public interest...

15 Nov 2019
Retired Member

Why Continuing Professional Development is Key For Financial Services

People often see Continuing Professional Development as a way to get more from their employees. But what they often overlook is how important it is to employee retention. One study in particular foun...

28 Sep 2019
Retired Member

Competition is good - and that includes competition in money!

Last year at Money 2020 in Amsterdam I attended a super interesting discussion on the future of money with speakers from the Bank of England, The Swiss National Bank and the Bank of Canada. I believe ...

18 Sep 2019
Retired Member

Here’s How Big Data Is Shaping the Financial Market of Tomorrow

Artificial intelligence, big data, and all the related surrounding technologies have played a major role in shaping many of today’s global markets. And it looks like we’re only seeing the tip of the i...

30 Jun 2019
Retired Member

Wall Street Bot. What is algorithmic cryptocurrency trading?

The industry around digital money not only transforms the markets we are used to, but also quickly adopts their technological achievements. Borrowing went for innovative solutions used in exchange tra...

11 Oct 2018
Freddie McMahon

Conversation-as-a-Service insights for changing everything

Conversation-as-a-Service is the co-existence of chatbots and humans to deliver value through dialogue. A core consideration is the Conversational User Interface (CUI), which has three purposes: Or...

20 Jul 2018
Retired Member

Budget Apps And Personal Finance Tools

Everyone wishes to make budgets and save better and the tech world provides a stream of apps as well as tools which can lend a hand. Here are certain tools and apps that fall in this category. These c...

09 Jul 2018
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots for Recruitment and Human Resources

There is a growing expectation that chatbots can be used for recruitment. The obvious low hanging fruit is for a chatbot to: Answer questions about the job on offer Qualify a prospect through a set o...

06 Apr 2018
Retired Member

Today's Banks Need a Millennial Banking Technology Framework

There was a time when traditional banks were the only institutions customers relied on for exchanging currencies of loyalty and trust. The Great Recession robbed them of their standing and a Millennia...

19 Jan 2018
Freddie McMahon


Just as a reminder, Complex Knowledge is any combination of regulatory, statutory, legal, tax, tariff, policy and procedure matter, which is primarily found within documents. USE CASE: HOUSEHOLDER P...

05 Jan 2018

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