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Tracking familiar names and faces from fintec, who may have either moved onto new arenas, or simply come back into the fold with a new logo on their business card.

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Paul Penrose

Gordon Gekko RIP?

With what appears to be impeccable timing, Hollywood is awash with reports of the imminent return of Gordon Gekko, the ultimate master of the universe, in a reprise of the 1987 blockbuster Wall Street...

24 Oct 2008
Paul Penrose

Life after Swift

Belatedly proving that there is life after Swift, the banking co-operative's former head of securities James Donovan has landed a new role at US self-regulatory authority Finra. In his new job, Donova...

05 Jun 2008
Paul Penrose

The Americanisation of Reuters

Nice to see that plain old Tom Glocer has been upgraded to the more commanding Thomas H Glocer in his new role as chief of Thomson Reuters.

28 Apr 2008
Paul Penrose

SocGen rogue trader lands new job

Who says crime doesn't pay? Jerome Kerviel, the rogue trader allegedly responsible for $7.3 billion losses at SocGen, has got a new job - as a computer consultant. Kerviel is working for LCA computer...

28 Apr 2008
Paul Penrose

Tony Kirby dusts off his gardening tools

My moles tell me that STP stalwart Tony Kirby is getting his fingers green courtesy of a stint of gardening leave from Accenture. Tony's been around the block a few times, taking on roles at Swift, G...

28 Nov 2007
Paul Penrose

Idiot guy at Alphaville

Fame at last for one-time fintech journo Paul Murphy, following a brief cameo appearance as 'idiot guy at Alphaville' in the Martin Luke’s column in today’s FT. Old lags will remember Paul as the di...

08 Nov 2007
Paul Penrose

Tim Jones' pension plan

The UK Government has announced the appointment of Tim Jones as chief executive of the Personal Accounts Delivery Authority Jones, a former chief executive of retail banking at NatWest and the man beh...

09 Oct 2007
Paul Penrose

RIP STP, long live ICMA

STP (the industry trade mag) may be dead, but co-founder and MD Graeme Austin has conjured an unlikely resurrection as director of product management for the market services business of the Internatio...

04 Sep 2007
Paul Penrose

Chip Mahan's new pet project

Chip Mahan, who stepped down from the post of CEO and chairman of Internet banking vendor S1 in October last year, is setting up a new specialist lending business in Wilmington, North Carolina. Live O...

13 Jun 2007
Steve Ellis

Where are they now: Ron Dembo

Not sure if Ron Dembo is still involved with Algorithmics - or indeed with financial technology - but TechCrunch's Michael Arrington tracked him down to a new start up called Zerofootprint, a not-fo...

06 Jun 2007

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