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A community that concentrates on SWIFT as an important business tool in the payments and standards world.

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Roy McPherson

Aren't I the lucky one?

Funny what you find in your spam mail, this weeks mail has broadened my horizons to include penis enlargement treatment, a link to a young lady of dubious morals and, wait for the drum roll, a lady of...

20 May 2011
Steve Scott

Real Time Reconciliation Crucial To Managing Liquidity Risk

It's interesting to hear it said at IPS2011 that performing real time reconciliation is crucial to managing liquidity risk . I would agree with this but for the fact that if the demand is really the...

23 Mar 2011
Retired Member

Clouded Judgement?

Whenever a new technology hype cycle starts, there is a stampede of major vendors all vying to be seen as the “hype leader”. The latest hype cycle to affect the IT industry is cloud based computing. ...

18 Nov 2010
Dinakar Orampati

Cgap examines the future of mobile banking..

Good to see the Cgap examines on the future and growth of mobile banking customers. Examination toward the Anti Money laundering needs to be addressed to review KYC standard paramters (id's,...) on mo...

20 Nov 2009
Retired Member

SWIFT Opening up?

The final full day of Sibos, and at last I get to the subject of standards. It had to come eventually! Today, I went to a very interesting session on implementing SWIFT standards, which included panel...

17 Sep 2009
Retired Member

MT202 - More transparency, or more work?

SWIFT’s new standards changes go live on 21st November 2009. Talking about this yesterday, I started thinking about the three key areas that SunGard think are critical for 2010 – Transparency, Efficie...

17 Sep 2009
Retired Member

Why did it take so long?

That’s the question that Joseph Yam, CEO of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, asked the Sibos audience in this afternoon’s welcome address. Specifically, why did it take so long for Sibos to come back...

14 Sep 2009
Retired Member

SWIFT Changes for 2009-MT202COV

Currently the messages MT103 / 103+ are used to effect a customer credit transfer and the MT 202 is used for a financial institution transfer. In order to speed up the payment process for custome...

19 May 2009
Retired Member

Is SWIFT doing enough? Is it evolving at enough pace?

SWIFT decided to move to XML standards in year 1999. Since then, we have been hearing about MX standards (XML based). In all SWIFT presentations I have seen so far, I always hear about MX messages. S...

17 Aug 2008
Ross McGill

Asia beckons

It's great to see, in what others see as a fairly dry world, that asset servicing is heading up the agenda not just in the west, but also in the east. SWIFT is hosting two half day conferences for cu...

01 Jul 2008
Ross McGill

When you're up to your neck in liquidity...

I note with continuing interest the news that the central banks are continuing to pump money into the markets to "ease liquidity" with a stunning lack of effect. It occurs to me that they se...

08 Apr 2008
Ross McGill

Corporate Actions Automation - a contradiction in terms?

I was quite intrigued back in October when I was walking around the exhibition halls at SIBOS in Boston to see how many software vendors on the corporate actions side were promoting their solutions fo...

29 Nov 2007