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Grey with some sunny spells - the outlook for Europe

Recent unrest among the middle classes across both sides of the Atlantic and a greater number of voters in both the UK referendum and US elections suggest they want change, and they want it soon. Wol...

22 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Technology trends and predictions for financial markets in 2017

The point of making predictions is not to be right, but to be ready. So with that purpose in mind, what might technology have in store for financial markets in 2017? The big four underlying trends One...

21 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Retail banks and retailers: do department stores offer a possible blueprint for tech success?

The role of bank CIO has always been a high-pressure one. It is characterised by the need to ‘keep the lights on’, continuously using data and technology to innovate, juggling budgetary restrictions a...

19 Dec 2016
Christopher Truce

Sink or swim: new technologies are critical to the survival of wealth management firms

Fintechs are disrupting many aspects of the financial services industry and wealth management is no exception. These new entrants can provide scale and greater customisation at a much lower cost than ...

19 Dec 2016
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Uber and Airbnb are Not the Digital Economy

When is disruption a bad thing? According to the London black cab driver I had recently, it is when Uber comes to town. A rival taxi company using an app for hailing and a GPS for finding its way arou...

19 Dec 2016
Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Blockchain: what happened during our stay in South Africa?

In the past three weeks we travelled throughout South Africa. Our main focus was on the country, the people, the safaris, the Big Five. But not on blockchain! Now being back home I am curious what hap...

19 Dec 2016
Vinod Sharma

CashLess OR LessCash

Abstract – Journey from cash only transactions to less cash and thereafter if possible moving to cashless or digital money society. This journey looks very simple in textbooks or written on blogs or p...

19 Dec 2016
Innovation in Financial Services
Edward Grant

Cloud telephony technology: separating the wheat from the chaff

The UK’s fintech industry is booming. In 2015, the sector generated £6.6 billion in revenue and that figure continues to increase. Considered the global leader, fintech experts from the UK are being w...

16 Dec 2016
Retired Member

Uber transparent?

ESMA has today published the latest Q&A on investor protection. The document spans many different topics, but what sparked my interest in particular are the comments around the best execution

16 Dec 2016
Mohit Joshi

AI in Banking - Robo Advisors and beyond

Technology has changed the very psychology of money and the way we perceive it and artificial intelligence promises to further the ease of doing business for economies across the globe. The great rece...

16 Dec 2016
Ivy Schmerken

Multi-Asset Trading Now in Vogue for the Buy Side?

Demand for multi-asset trading on the buy-side has “renewed” the importance of the execution management system’s role on buy-side trading desks in the battle for screen-based real estate. However, lis...

15 Dec 2016
Jason Mace

2016: The year of Fraud

When historians look back on 2016 I suspect it will be viewed as something of a watershed year. It will be remembered for the year of Brexit, the year of Trump, and for growing numbers of business own...

15 Dec 2016