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What type of FinTech'er are you? Take the Quiz!

No one is talking about Tech these days without talking about FinTech, or financial technology to you. There are funds, accelerators, startups galore in this space. But where do you fit in?

But what type of FinTech’er are you? Well, take the quiz and find out!

Banks and bankers are:

  1. Lovely people, lots of fun - do you know the person in charge of purchasing software at Mega European Bank? Can you connect me on LinkedIn?
  2. Dinosaurs - their time has come. And I am the meteor that will wipe them out! Onwards and upwards with disruption and disintermediation. Welcome all to the new Global Banking Utopia! (I'll let you ride my yacht when I'm rich.)
  3. Why aren't they in jail?
  4. Bank? What's a bank?

Your work space is:

  1. Top floor, great view, coffee machine always works. If your ears don't pop in the lift on the way up - you haven't arrived.
  2. East London warehouse space. Receptionist has a tattoo on her face and her boyfriend is the office's unofficial weed dealer. Coders are always complaining about the lack of natural light in the basement.
  3. Kitchen table. Your laptop is held up by a stack of old Private Eyes. The Guardian’s Comment is free is bookmarked.
  4. In Sheffield

You aim to promote FinTech entrepreneurship by:

  1. Welcome startups! Just pick any cubby you want, remember to think before you use the printer, I'm just off to the BBC to make a comment about bitcoin.
  2. Intensive ten week boot camp, followed by a hackathon, followed by several mentoring sessions on the beanbags, followed by...listen they'll be a winner at the end, awright!
  3. 20 years ago I was CEO of a digital data distribution provider. I had a Gold Amex card and was on wife number two. Do you care that Reuters basically destroyed that market? Do you? And you want me to help you fund your QR code-based mobile payments app? Wait, where are you going? We haven't reminisced about the Topic 3 Wars yet...
  4. I just want to make it easier to spend money at my niece's school fair. What the Payments Services Directive anyway?

You been in the industry for:

  1. Two years. I used to run the design team at a sneaker company. I ooze innovation, baby. That's why I was hired.
  2. Since the 90s. Do you remember the 90s? I didn't have any grey hair in the 90s. I miss the 90s.
  3. Before you were born
  4. I run a dog walking service. Seriously, can someone tell me what the PSD is?

Mostly 1s: You're an Accelerator. FinTech is having a moment and you are always in the middle of a moment. You run an accelerator, you get quoted by the BBC, and you collaborate with government officials. You think ISO 20022 is a your PAs bike combination

Mostly 2s: You're a Camp. You help seed funding, you mentor, you finesse pitches, and you buy pizza. You worry that you paid too much for the break room table and live in fear that those little balls from the beanbags might break free. You always have a private cry every time one of your startups get bought by a bank.

Mostly 3s: You're an Aging Veteran. You lived through the Dot Com bubble. You remember Big Bang. You still drink during lunch. You are waiting for sanity to be restored to this industry. You've been waiting a long time. 

Mostly 4s: You're a Naïve Ingénue. The sight of your niece’s tears when you ran out of cash and couldn't buy her pink sparkle cupcakes at the school fete made you think 'There has to be a better way to buy things?' Would really like the headache you have from being repeatedly hit over the head by European banking regulations to go away. 

(It's summer :-) )


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