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Apple at it again

16 January 2008  |  2046 views  |  0

I seem to have developed a reputation in the office for being obsessed with Apple. Not true. I just like things that are well engineered and designed - and easy to use. Oh and they have to work too. And if it's a computer it has to be secure and not just be compromised simply by being connected to a network. I digress.

Whether it's a web site or an interface. If it works well and with you - your task is much more enjoyable. So if I do seem obsessed with Apple - maybe that's something to do with it - although they did a couple of dumb things in Leopard with the look. Translucent menu bars, I ask you. WHY?

Anyway - at the risk of reinforcing this Mac-fan-old-man view among my colleagues - I was quite taken with a couple of things from the MacWorld shindig yesterday. The new MacBook Air is gorgeous - and no slouch - but EXPENSIVE.

However I was more interested in their new  Time Capsule which doubles as a WiFi base station and hard disk for backing up your Macs via Time Machine. A genuinely useful network storage device for the home for folk who may one day need a backup. Ahem.

And say what you like - their ads are better than the competition.

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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts - UCL - London | 16 January, 2008, 12:10 Interesting. It depends what you want it for really. There is probably a market for it but it would be useless for the kind of disturbing things I do with audio. Come to think of it, my MacBook Pro isn't really that heavy or bulky....
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