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Charitable indulgence on Web 2.0 - you bet!

Our new world of Web 2.0 promises to leave you with less guilt pangs in life.  I got this feeling earlier this week when I received an invitation to sign up to . The tagline is "a real-money market where all the winnings are donated to non-profit organizations chosen by the winners. It covers a wide array of topics, from U.S. elections to business to sports, by way of the "war on terror" and other global impact events."

I was also told that ' suggestions are welcome'!

So folks, use your betting instincts to indulge yourself and also feel good about it! Betting will no longer be a social malaise. I can visualize some piquant situations here - for e.g., "predict whether  typhoon XYZ will hit the coast of ....  tomorrow... if you are right, then contribute your winnings to the poor victims of typhoon XYZ!"

Your winnings on the site are in the form of 'stocks' and you may want to watch your betting portfolio grow.

Looks like Web 2.0 is bringing Values 2.0 with it!


On another funny note - I came across Citibank's denial - "A Citibank spokesman dismissed suggestions in the blogosphere that a recent decision by the company to quietly reduce the daily ATM cash-withdrawal limits of some of its customers had something to do with Citibank's cash-reserve position. Rather, the move was a precautionary one prompted by fraudulent ATM activity in metropolitan New York, said Robert Julavits, a spokesman for the bank."

How the mighty have fallen! Something as innocuous as a cash withdrawal limit reduction (something banks across the world do routinely to protect customers from a fraud attack) setting off alarm bells on the bank's Cash position! The blogosphere seems to be enjoy pummeling the giant 'who never sleeps'- especially when he is a bit drowsy!!


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