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Banks need intelligent IT to increase workforce IQ

Banks need intelligent IT to increase workforce IQ


In another Finextra blog post this month, it was highlighted that as banks move towards agile forms of managing their business, they are dismissing the importance of traditional testing, which can support the overall execution of achieving business goals.


Whilst this is a good point to surface, it does also eliminate any thought that prevention is better than cure. Whether your organisation is testing via agile means or using a waterfall methodology, in order to get a crystallised view of a business, there is a need to implement intelligent IT tools that not only take the weight off testing teams, but can predict errors giving departments visibility of them to ensure they don’t actually happen.


Something such as this is increasingly important for most industries, but for the banking sector, it is imperative. Whilst agile approaches allow for little intervention and a smaller group of teams to manage the system, something like the operational intelligence offered by recently emerged tools such as network-based application performance management (APM), can offer real-time visibility, proactive early warning and consequently increase growth and keep customers happy.


Testing teams without this technology are no doubt in danger of falling down performance pitfalls that can easily be avoided. The trick is for IT departments to recognise that there are precision intelligence tools that can increase the IQ of their workforce and decrease the time consumed in some activities, enabling a far easier and more efficient route to the desired ends for business than simply offering agile or traditional methods alone.




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