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The future of big data for the stockbroker

In an industry that needs to securely store large consumptions of confidential and corporate data, the financial sector is quick to embrace the progression of technology that can support their needs through a more advanced storage system.


It’s a sector that has been keen to drive big data forward in the last couple of years, but with as storage systems become more complex in the future, what else will big data be able to offer? What are the consequences of pushing big data further in the next 10 to 15 years?


It could be ambitious to assume that technology for traders will become even more intelligent, enabling them to make smart decisions that they may not notice on their own. Improvements to the development of systems stockbrokers use could increase productivity, but more importantly, mitigate risks. Could we see an Artificial Intelligence system that intercepts faults that could potentially save errors that could cost millions, or even billions? Bad trades could be prevented – or even missed opportunities.

Most of us can imagine a world where the machine has the capacity to the think strategically on its own. For the financial sector in particular, if this became a reality, this trusted bond between man and machine could boost productivity, but more importantly, intercept major disasters.



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