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Top 20 Banking Financial Forum Communities

Forums are a great way to get connected and learn more about the “pulse” of global Finance and Banking industries.  The word “Forum” and “Community” very much go hand-in-hand these days – they are often tribal, entertaining, addictive and powerful resource for both new-comers and experienced hands.

The list has been prepared and shortlisted by based on Community size, valuable content, topic structure, active moderation (e.g. avoid spam, flaming) and Community engagement. 


1. AllBanks Banking Forum


2. Analyst Forum


3. City Business, Finance and Investing Forum


4. Fat Wallets Forum - Finance


5. Global Derivatives Forum


6. Market Thoughts Forum


7. Money Talk - Financial Forum


8. Online Traders Forum


9. Quantnet Forum


10. Reserve Bank Forum


11. Saving Advice Forum


12. Stock Rants Stock Market Forum


13. Stock Trading To Go Forum


14. The Finance Forum


15. Topix Investment Banking Forum


16. Topix Banking Forum


17. Wall Street Examiner Forums


18. Wall Street Survivor Forum


19. Wall Street Oasis Forum


20. Wilmott



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