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One slip up and Brits would ditch Web banking - study

A quarter of Brits would stop using online banking entirely if they had one bad experience and return to their high street branch, according to a study commissioned by Internet research firm Gomez.

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I'm intrigued - what do they mean by an online mishap?

I've been with an online-only bank for years - the lovely Smile as it happens - so I'm hardly likely to go back to conventional banking. I'm also not sure what counts as a mishap online alluded to in this study reported in Finextra recently.

Or maybe I do - for some reason I've not been able to get into my Northern Rock account online to see how my five pounds is doing in there. But then again perhaps I just expect a little flakiness from the internet, having been using it for 16 years.

So what does count as a mishap? A site timing out? Or finding a problem with your account and seeing how it is dealt with? And isn't that more a reflection on the bank generally rather than the web side of things?

All sounds a bit woolly to me.  "Online banks must ensure they deliver a positive online customer experience" - well surely that goes without saying - and it applies to any web site.

Your site needs to be reliable, fast to load, easy to use, accessible and of course be secure. Interesting that UK banks seem to be failing on making their sites accessible  with only one out of ten sites tested meeting the basic accessibility needs of their disabled customers.

Worryingly, a lot of the criticisms in the report are pretty basic stuff too. 

I'm happy with my online account. I can move money around any time of the day or night. Meanwhile my somewhat run down home town no longer even has a single bank left. 



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