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Grand Jury: TSA Employee Stole Identities

A Lynn Massachusetts couple was accused of selling the identities of at least 16 Transportation Security Administration workers at Logan International Airport.

Lynn was then and is now known as “Lynn Lynn the City of Sin, you don’t go out the way you come in.”

Fox News reports “A federal grand jury accused the couple of stealing personal information including the Social Security numbers of TSA workers at Boston’s Logan International Airport. There was no indication the private information of the security screeners was given to militant groups, Reuters reported, but the case suggests federal officials may be vulnerable to identity theft.

The grand jury alleged that the couple used the stolen information to obtain cable television and utilities for themselves and for others, whom they charged as customers. The two will face charges of conspiracy and aggravated identity theft.”

To steal the ID of a TSA worker gives one access to the airport then to luggage and more. There needs to be a tighter system that prevent this. We need effective identification that makes another’s identity useless to the thief.



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