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Why We Need Secure Identification

New York police have served warrants dozens of times to an elderly couple looking for suspects the couple has no knowledge of. “Police have knocked on their door 50-plus times since the couple moved into their home in 2002, looking for suspects or witnesses in murder, robbery and rape cases, according to reports. The couple has been visited by law enforcement up to three times a week. Authorities are investigating the possibility that the Martins’ identities may have been stolen.”

Criminal identity theft is when someone commits a crime and uses the assumed name and address of another person. The thief in the act of the crime or upon arrest poses as the identity theft victim. Often the perpetrator will have a fake ID with the identity theft victim’s information but the imposters’ picture. This is the scariest form of identity theft.

In Mexico plans are rolling out to identify  110 million citizens into its national ID card program. “The program will be among the first to capture iris, fingerprint and facial biometrics for identification.  Similar programs around the world use biometrics for voter registration and even financial transactions. Possible uses for the card include  identification, driver licenses, collection of tolls, a travel card and an ATM card.”

In India, they are in the process of creating the Unique Identification Authority to identify their 1.1 billion citizens. A uniform ID system with biometric data, which should launch next year, will be designed to curb fraud and effectively identify their citizens. It could also make many new commercial transactions possible by allowing online verification of identities by laptop and mobile phone.

In the US, in order to end illegal immigration politicians have proposed a worker identity card and quoted from the New American “Ending Illegal Employment Through Biometric Employment Verification,” Reid, et al, set forth their chilling scheme to require all Americans to carry a 21st Century version of the Social Security Card. The national identification card will be embedded with biometric data detectable by federal agents. Specifically, the Reid plan will mandate that within 18 months of the passage of immigration reform legislation, every American worker carry the “fraud-resistant, tamper-resistant, wear resistant, and machine-readable social security cards containing a photograph and an electronically coded micro-processing chip which possesses a unique biometric identifier for the authorized card-bearer.”As if that isn’t enough to freeze the blood of any ally of freedom and our constitutional republic.”

“Chilling scheme” and “freeze the blood” or a step towards security? I wonder if the couple in New York or the millions who have had their identity stolen wish they were properly identified.



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