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Want to be a darts master? Buy a BlackBerry

RIM has just published some research that shows how incredibly efficient BlackBerries make their owners.

Apparently your average user converts an hour of downtime into ‘productive time’ every day. In a year the BlackBerry user gets through 2,500 ‘time sensitive emails’ and saves over $5,000 for their firm because they can react immediately to the information delivered through their smartphone.

According to Charmaine Eggberry, VP, Emea, RIM: “With such clear benefits, mobile professionals can feel confident in choosing BlackBerry for its work/life balance benefits, in order to get the most out of each day.”

So the BlackBerry actually gives you more time to relax?

It's a nice idea but somehow I doubt that your average ‘crackberry’ addict takes up RIM's advice and uses their spare hour mastering darts, giving blood or learning to play the guitar.


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