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The Race to Become the Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

The world of the blockchain is expanding exponentially. Now, there are as many as 6,000 different kinds of digital currencies circulating the globe with a combined market capitalisation of over $3 trillion. As the demand for cryptocurrencies increases, the price of each individual coin in relation to the fiat market improves – of course, this is a good thing. 

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development — Guide to Building a Better  Payment System | by Scott Rollins | CryptoStars

Big businesses are now catching on, with Mastercard partnering up with three east-Asian corporations to further their crypto-based credit, debit and prepaid card initiatives – all of which are making it easier for traditionally fiat-inclined users to onboard to crypto.

However, the continued adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment method relies on how quickly and efficiently users are able to onboard. This is, therefore, a revolution wholly dependent on merchants, vendors and processing services. 

Today, we’re embarking on a quest to explore different crypto payment providers and their accessibility ratings. This will, no doubt, assist in determining the characteristics that distinguish a world-class crypto payments system that we can crown as ‘the best cryptocurrency payments gateway’. 



While an obvious choice for many seasoned blockchain-goers, it’s important to reiterate that CoinsPaid is the leading crypto payments processing gateway in the world. Its transaction growth is also seemingly unhindered by the crypto winter, standing at 26% in October of 2022. Moreover, CoinsPaid, through its daughter company, now processes around 7% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. The crypto payment gateway serves its thousands of clients instant fiat conversion, with over 30 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies to choose from. 

As an added bonus, CoinsPaid also boasts some of the lowest fees on the market at 0.8%. However, commissions can go even lower when we consider the role of the CPD token. 

The company is also fully-compliant with regulatory requirements, being registered in Estonia, holding its own compliance department complete with multiple AML officers and an MLRO. With regular financial audits and zero instances of client fund loss, CoinsPaid has undergone multiple penetration tests from both Hacken and 10Guards with zero vulnerabilities found. 

Due to all of the above, CoinsPaid has been nominated for crypto Payment Provider of the Year by AIBC Awards, for the second year in a row. 


Coinbase Review 2023

Coinbase is a world-leading crypto payment processing gateway, and is widely used among Bitcoin enthusiasts looking to engage in commercial transactions. There’s even an app for merchants that can be conveniently downloaded and used to send and receive crypto instantly. With a slick, symmetric payment module, Coinbase has managed to integrate with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms looking to take payment in crypto. When we discuss developed European markets such as Spain, the Netherlands and Italy, Coinbase remains the go-to, and is widely considered a gold-standard in the industry. 


BitPay - Wikipedia

Bitpay has been cited as the world’s most enduring crypto payments gateway, making its way into the market back in 2011.
Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to interact with through the Bitpay app. While the fees are not as favourable as a crypto payment processor such as Coinspaid, the payment system is transparent, and fees start at around 1%. 

Bitpay works on an API model, which makes it incredibly easy and fun for users and programmers alike to digest. With more of a globalised model, the service offers over forty natively embedded languages. As such, the system now shows itself as a committed partner of some of the world’s most well-known companies, such as MasterCard, Amazon and 


Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway and Wallet | CoinPayments

CoinPayments is another great option, covering a healthy variety of cryptocurrencies while charging competitive fees. Coinpayments is notably used within the sphere of e-commerce, integrating with all major e-commerce platforms including Magneto, OSCommerce and Shopify. The system serves around 1200 digital currencies, and offers a neat UX with instant crypto-fiat conversion. 


Blockonomics - Simplifying Bitcoin Transactions and Tracking

Blockonomics is known for being a technically advanced crypto payment provider, being immutable and requiring no third party authentication or additional API setup to enable transactions. This payment process is key to the success of the Blockonomics program and is protected under patent.
If a user wants to pay through the Blockonomics crypto payments gateway, all they have to do is scan the QR code that is presented on the merchant’s website. 

Convergence with Shapeshift allows Blockonomics to support a wide range of different crypto assets, where a 1% fee is levied in all cases. 

Its technicality and security makes Blockonomics a go-to for developed Western economies such as the United States, Germany, Canada, France and the United Kingdom. 


CoinGate Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Coingate also sits among the leaders in the race for the title of the top crypto payment processor of 2022. The crypto payments gateway allows vendors to accept crypto payments in a range of popular fiat currencies such as Pounds, Euros and US Dollars, but also offers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and a range of altcoins. 
Coingate comes with developed plugins for the e-commerce industry, all of which allow merchants to accept crypto payments in just a few clicks.
With regards to fees, Coingate is also fairly competitive at a flat 1%. The service is most well-known in Japan, Brazil and Benilu, despite being fully globalised.

Now You Can Get PAX through the Blockchain Wallet - Paxos features on today’s list due to its age and stature as a golden-age crypto payments processor. In addition to being a rather famous crypto wallet, provides repository services too on behalf of the blockchain community, meaning that those looking to research information about the blockchain, news or statistical reports, will always have a place to call home. There are also APIs available, meaning that corporate integrations are possible and easy to complete. 

The only reported downside of relates to its difficulty of use, being a favourite among coders, and therefore requires more of an understanding of the technical nitty-gritty. 


SpectroCoin Wallet – Обзор, комиссии, функцииикриптовалюты (2023) |  Cryptowisser

Spectrocoin is a fairly new service, and has climbed the rankings due to two main reasons. First of all, the system is free to use for customers – meaning that it immediately blows the competition out of the water when it comes to fees.
Secondly, the system works to ensure the instant transfer of funds between crypto and fiat and even offers a Bitcoin Debit card.
These two factors mean that Spectrocoins has become a community favourite accross the world – from Italy to Australia. 

Despite being a free-to-use system, its compatibility with a range of e-commerce platforms is notable. Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and WooCommerce all happily accept the system. 

Importantly, for merchants, there’s a 1% charge per transaction. 


Paywala enables direct payments in Euros and other currencies with an automatic crypto-conversion feature. What makes it unique is its online invoice application, which enables merchants to easily accept crypto payments online. Moreover, there’s a ‘Walahala’ card feature that’s used to instantly withdraw crypto assets to a bank account.
The system is mainly used throughout Europe.


Plisio is one of the easiest systems on our list to integrate, and works with all of the top e-commerce platforms. Notably, WHMCS, VirtueMart and Opencart.
The API is easily navigated and they have really focused on the user experience – if is the most difficult to use, Pilsio is definitely the easiest.
But, that’s not all – the system charges only 0.5% in transaction fees, meaning that it almost beats Coinspaid in terms of potential savings. 


OpenNode is very transparent when it comes to fees – there are absolutely zero sign-up or integration costs. The system performs well when it comes to converting crypto assets into fiat and vice versa – customer reviews tend to be overwhelmingly positive. Much like its competitors, OpenNode works with all of the big e-commerce platforms such as Magneto and Shopify. This interoperability and cost makes rapid payments and fully-automated currency conversions easy to get one’s head around. 


B2BinPay is an all-inclusive cryptocurrency payments gateway that offers global compatibility and a seamless user experience. Whether users are looking to store, send or receive cryptocurrencies, the B2BinPay system enables them to do this 24/7 and with bank-grade security. Moreover, with over 800 tokens to choose from and its service available in multiple languages, the crypto payments gateway is certainly top-drawer. 


CoinsBank, as a fully-featured crypto payment gateway, supports instant transfers, with its debit cards being available all across the globe. In just a few clicks, a merchant is able to connect CoinsBank to their system. Importantly, CoinsBank’s apps are not just limited to iOS, but works perfectly for Android users too. The same cannot be said for all crypto payment gateways. 

In addition to its crypto payments gateway, CoinsBank, offers an exchange that enables its partners to maximise their profits and stagnant revenue with minimal risks. 


TripleA is incredibly simple to set up, much like some of the other competitors that we have analysed today. Users don’t require any prior knowledge of programming to assemble the crypto payment gateway, and as such, TripleA’s cryptocurrency payment gateway is one of the most consumer-friendly options on the market. However, with a WooCommerce plugin and API-only integrations available for more complex setups, it’s not just made for beginners either. Users get email notifications for each transaction that takes place, and with a favourable fee of 0.8%, TripleA doesn’t charge additional fees for management and configuration. 


Last on our list today is Spicepay, a robust and secure cryptocurrency payments gateway that comes with an in-built exchange tool, through which various cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for any of the most popular fiat ones.
Moreover, the Bitcoin payment gateway can be integrated easily, and funds may be withdrawn via Paypal or SEPA. Spicepay also offers digital services that go lengths for enabling anonymous charitable donations.  


So, after a quick overview of the crypto payment processors available on the market, it becomes clear that there’s something for everyone. However, when the biggest, most popular option comes in at one of the lowest-priced solutions with the greatest number of options available, it seems like a no-brainer. That’s why we’d recommend sticking with CoinsPaid and its daughter company After all, it is the best crypto payment gateway of 2023. 


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Maria Tatarskaya
Maria Tatarskaya - consulting - Toronto 02 May, 2023, 16:022 likes 2 likes

Interestingly, companies are very different in the range of products, some are involved only in processing, while others have a wide range of products

A Finextra member
A Finextra member 05 May, 2023, 14:54Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

It is interesting to see what percentage of people use different platforms

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