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Fraudsters hijacking Facebook accounts

Facebook users are being warned to watch out for Nigerian scammers masquerading as friends on the social networking site, after an Australian woman was sent a message asking for money from a conman wh...

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Facebook Fraud

Is there anyone out there in either the real or cyber world that is in the least surprised by this article? For me the only surprise is that it's taken the fraudsters so long to latch onto Facebook. Equally I'm fascinated to know whether there are masterclasses held in Nigeria for fraudsters. Only a few weeks ago I received a mail from Nigeria telling me that some old dear had popped her clogs and left me billions of pounds and if I would only send $5,000 it will unblock the will etc. etc. I recall the so called Black Angels scams during my time working in Precious Metals.  We used to receive calls from these business men telling us a plane load of gold would be leaving a specific country and they would like to sell the cargo upon arrival in the UK. Somewhere over a sub continent the plane would develop engine trouble and would have to land for repairs, so in the meantime if you can pay us $ xxx,xxx now we will pay you $xxx,xxx multiplied by 1000 when the plane gets here. Same old sh**. wrapped up differently.

The scams have got cleverer and with this virtual world the fraudsters can target a far greater number of the more unsophisticated targets just by the random selection method. Let the players beware.


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