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Five Blockchain Start-Ups You Need To Watch

The year is 2009. A forum user, under the guise ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, sits down at their computer and is compelled to post something.

They (an individual or group) have for years held a deep-seated distrust in centralised financial intuitions; that distrust has now most likely overflowed in to anger as they watch the events of the Global Financial Crisis unfold around them.

The rest is history as the world is introduced to Bitcoin’s landmark whitepaper. First forum users, and later millions globally would sing praises and demand for the new crypto-currency would surpass what was imaginable.

Others however, raised curious and opportunistic eyebrows. Their attention drawing to other areas within the manifesto - specifically to the underlying technology in which Nakamoto proposed their beloved Bitcoin to run atop. Blockchain.

It’s amazing what a decade or so can do. Since that fateful day in 2009, blockchain’s rapid acceleration and adoption as a serious decentralised technology solution, transforming the way parties exchange information, cannot be understated.

By removing the need for a ‘trusted’ or third party centralised components within health, property, energy to complex trade and logistics — here are five exciting blockchain start-ups to watch.

1. Coadjute

Founded in 2018, this UK based start-up is empowering key enablers in the property purchase value-chain to utilise the benefits of distributed ledger technology. The end result is a platform that provides a single source of truth for faster end-to-end property transaction exchanges, greater visibility and enhanced security.

Whether you’re a estate agent, conveyancer, mortgage broker or lender: expect to hear more about Coadjute’s exciting blockchain network in the years to come.

2. Chronicled

Launched in 2014, Chronicled is the custodian of the ‘MediLedger Network’. Its blockchain technology is enabling partners within the life sciences industry to benefit from automation and with a greater level of trust.

The movement and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, is one such sector of the life sciences industry that Chronicled is set on improving; tackling the supply chain, pricing, relationships and regulatory requirements of this complex eco-system through blockchain promises to give back great benefits to Chronicled clients.

3. Grid Singularity

Founded in 2016, this Berlin blockchain start-up is transforming the way energy aggregators and grid operators participate in marketplaces (while also hosting the most impressive website in this list).

Embracing ‘Cleantech’, Grid Singularity has created the Energy Web Chain, “the first open-source, enterprise blockchain platform tailored to the energy sector.” As opensource infrastructure, it will seek to drive innovative improvements within regulation, operations, procurement, and energy marketplaces.

4. SettleMint

You’ve heard of Banking-as-a-Service, now meet Blockchain-as-a-Service (BPaS). Founded in 2016, SettleMint’s platform facilitates and simplifies the infrastructure of blockchain for enterprises to build upon. It already boasts banking clients such as Standard Chartered.

The Belgium based start-up has so far raised $6m in funding and is one to watch in 2021 as more companies look to migrate quickly on to blockchain technology.

5. CargoCoin

Operating in one of the hottest industries for blockchain disruption, CargoCoin is helping to change the way global logistics is managed. Through its unique crypto-currency and global marketplace, users can do away with paper documents (requiring validation by third parties) and replace these with the use of smart contracts through its blockchain.

Launched as an idea in 2017 that has already hit significant milestones, the UK start-up provides full transparency of its development roadmap via its website and gives visitors a way to purchase CargoCoin instantly.


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