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The Time is Now

The data driven economy will lead to both massive productivity improvements and an entirely new level of personalised services. This has been worked on in programs like Real Time Economy (RTE) in Finland (now in REFIT) and GDPR-supported globally.

RTE was initially aiming at building ecosystems for automation of a wide range of administrative processes, but has now increased focus on productivity and service improvements the can be achieved by using combinations of AI-feeding (i) enterprise and household specific private data and (ii) anonymised big data. The importance of this is clear when the data will in most cases be structured, standardised, verified and increasingly available in real time).

The human-centric MyData aims at (i) building privacy and trust (GDPR to become global practise) and (ii) allowing citizens to empower service providers to fetch private and big data (RTE-data central) needed in services for all sorts of life situations.

RTE ecosystems is on their own increase productivity especially in the SME sector more and faster than any other initiative in sight. When adding RTE-MyData to life-event driven service design and thus speed up digitalisation and freeing up citizens time both at work and at home the combined effect will be immense.

Impact evaluation is surely used to prioritise resources and creating the needed focus. In doing so all aspects should be added together. What is the combined effect of RTE Ecosystems+MyData Service design (providing the "fuel" for and using AI) on productivity, service levels, convenience, privacy, trust, speed of take-up, the Single Market, transparency, grey economy, job satisfaction, learning and many other areas? Is there anything touching enterprises, the public sector and citizens on a daily basis in massive volumes even nearly as much?

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