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Fear Index!

28 May 2008  |  2877 views  |  1

I came across a new Index of Fear - the Unisys Security Index. See here - http://www.unisyssecurityindex.com/

This security index outlines the 'fear levels' of various countries on four areas of security:

  • National security - security and epidemics
  • Financial security - bankcard fraud and ability to meet personal financial obligations
  • Internet security - spam, virus and online financial transactions
  • Personal security - physical risk and identity theft

Not all countries are covered by the Index. But of the ones covered, it looks like the two most prosperous places in Asia- Singapore and HongKong are also the most paranoid - particularly about an epidemic.

I think this index will watched with a lot of interest as more countries are covered.

It should provide a benchmark for various institutions to address areas of concern. Many countries like Iraq, Lebanon will throw interesting indices! I think the poorer countries will be less concerned about bank fraud, spam, virus and ID theft and should show low scores. The richer the country, the more fearful is it likely to be.


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Matt White
Matt White - Finextra - Toronto | 28 May, 2008, 14:06

Hi Sriram

There's certainly plenty of information in there - we actually used some stats from the UK survey for a story about a month ago.

I agree with you on the likely general trend - richer a country is the more fearful its citizens.

One thing that struck me was the fact that for all four security areas you outline the UK's fear score was down on the previous study. 

So, are Brits growing in confidence or maybe just resigned to having their identities stolen, jobs disappear and health fall apart? 

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