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The EPC and blockchain: poll results


The EPC, the European Payments Council, has published the results of a poll held during this Summer amongst its members in the payments industry about blockchain and its impact by 2015.

Being an important representative body of the industry these results should be taken seriously

  • According to the EPC a great majority of the survey respondents, that means 90%, expect that blockchain technology may alter the payments industry in one way or another.
  • More than a third - 36% - said that they expect this technology will impact some niche areas of activities, especially those where blockchain is adopted for specific purposes.
  • Another 30% expect that blockchain technology will be adopted to an extent that it my help to create new customer payment solutions.
  • According to almost a quarter - 24% - of the respondents blockchain will have "a more comprehensive transformation effect". That may cause a complete shift in the payment infrastructure and "may create a paradigm shift" in the industry.
  • Just a minor 10% think that blockchain technology would have no significant impact in the payments industry.

These results may trigger the industry to further invest time and money in this new innovative and disruptive technology.



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João Bohner
João Bohner - Independent Consultant - Carapicuiba 18 August, 2016, 13:38Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Carlo, I think it should be made a splitting in the term 'payment': Transfers and Payments.

In several documents explaining the 'BlockChain' is cited as an example the block 'Joe pays $ 100 to Jane'.

In fact, this event is a 'transfer'.

Now, if I pay a purchase at Amazon, the amount paid shall be composed of the price of the goods + shipping + local taxes, etc.
This is very different from 'Joe pays Jane'.
The Blockchain will maintain a 'block' for each item in the DLT?

What do you think?

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