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More on recovering bank charges

I too have been trying to recover unnecessary charges; from my bank of choice, The Abbey.

About two weeks ago I sent in my £10 cheque (It took me a while to remember where my cheque book was and blow all the dust of it) and my request for my last six years of statements.

To my amazement they replied yesterday with FOURTEEN envelopes! Each envelope contained one monthly statement, some generic advice on how to understand my statement as well as a leaflet flogging their loans. But not one word of explanation, I can only assume I’m due to receive another 58 of these in the next few days.

To my mind this is a blatant attempt by Abbey to make my mission as hard as possible. But this won’t dissuade me. In fact it’s made me even more determined. I may even send a letter of complaint about the utter waste of paper, money and the poor postman’s shoe leather.

I’m considering sending 72 replies, but I suspect I’ll get 72 replies back to that.

This could go on forever!


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