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The most shocking revelation of the V.W saga was that the regulators were either asleep or cheating in their duties and knew this since early 2014 .  The very questioning of our regulators is now the order of the day ; as many times over the years traders have complained of their ability and education to provide fair and orderly markets . Eurex along with other exchanges have allowed certain members to manipulate and abuse our markets , flipping , layering , spoofing , washing and crossing becoming household names ! These traders complaints have been thrown out by independent regulators who have constantly denied any knowledge of any manipulation in the market place .

     V.W were obviously aware that the car regulators would protect their products as it succesfully promoted the company and its country ; Germany . However they lied and cheated and were eventually caught by an independent regulation source  ........What a shocking whopper !  Sadly over the years we have witnessed the same shocking denials from their financial regulator who appearsw as rotten as its car counterparts ? 

  Eurex market supervision dept has managed to swerve many accusations of market abuse and allowed certain members to avoid any rules of conduct as long as they provide volume , liquidity and profit for the exchange .  My plea is finally can we now investigate these exchanges and question why they have been allowed to behave above the law ? Can we too ask why our regulators refused to investigate these matters when asked ?


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